Spice Coast Cruises is an authentic houseboat journey through the very soul of Kerala: along its spectacular backwaters. Kettuvallam rice barges turned private floating boutique hotels, the vessels of Spice Coast Cruises divulge the secret beauty of this water world in its totality, allowing voyagers to soak in the local serenity and way of life all while enjoying the finest cuisine and comforts that Kerala has to offer.

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The water chariots of Spice Coast Cruises were once Kettuvallam, rice barges typical of the Kerala backwaters, that have since been transformed into elegant floating homes. Made completely from natural materials, the boats are powered purely by solar energy and vegetable oil, ensuring minimal impact on the Kerala ecosystem and a particularly peaceful journey. Inside Spice Coast Cruises, the hull has been converted into two cozy bedrooms boasting breezy mesh windows, tiled bathrooms, and modern plumbing. To the fore is an open lounge area canopied with cane and rattan where handcrafted loungers and coir-matted decks create a warm and inviting place to take in a book, a cup of tea, and the passing scenery.

The dedicated crew accompanying Spice Coast Cruises consists of expert fishermen who were born in the backwaters and carry with them an ancient tradition of hospitality. Their fun-loving, heartfelt ways are on constant display as they alternate between preparing meals, attending to passengers, and navigating the waterways. It is unsurprising, then, that meals on Spice Coast Cruises feature true Kerala cuisine—the same food the crew eats—prepared traditionally in a clay pot with tangy spices, grilled Karimeen fish caught in the backwaters, and lots of fresh coconut shreds. Relax in an armchair with favorite drink in hand and watch the sky change color as the scent of fresh fish roasts over a coal fire. Once the birdsong fades and the fireflies and frogs make their evening debut, dine under the stars amid a spread of Kerala favorites, accompanied by sides of lentils, gourds, and endless bowls of steaming rice.

Life on Spice Coast Cruises is informed by the languid rhythm of the river. Centered around the 55-mile expanse of Lake Vembanad, the backwaters of Kerala are a unique and fragile ecosystem unlike any other in the world. Some waterways are no wider than an arm span, while others are dual carriageways fed by the streams of the Spice Mountains to the east and hemmed by rice paddies. Along these patchwork waters are a people who have adapted to life around water, as witnessed by the women gathering coconut fronds for drying, boatmen carrying fresh cut grass from one bank to another, and habitats constructed purely from natural materials. Spice Coast Cruises lead visitors into the heart of this culture, floating past their ancient temples and people going about their daily routines, and creating a sense of belonging amid this fascinating world of palms and water.

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