Whether you call it the “Sun City” or the “Blue City,” Jodhpur, India travel is nothing short of dazzling. The second largest city in Rajasthan sits like a princely oasis in the vast Thar Desert in northwest India. The stark landscape ignites the imagination, and the palaces, forts, and markets populate legends and histories as Jodhpur springs into life before your eyes.

Standing atop Mehrangarh Fort and looking over the Old Town, you instantly see why some call Jodhpur the “Blue City.” Traditionally the color of the Brahmins, Hindu India’s sacred class, the little blue houses at the foot of the fort soon became a local trend. Experts disagree on the underlying cause for the sensation, but the shimmery effect of overlooking the sea of blue is nothing short of magical.

The fort itself, the most prominent site in the city, was built in 1460 by Rao Jodha. Its imposing walls and intricate interior preserve the sensibilities of India’s medieval clans, who warred among each other while cultivating artistry and learning within their own principalities.

To understand why Jodhpur is called the “Sun City” all you have to do is step outside. The city enjoys bright, sunny weather year-round, making it a great place to explore on foot, under the care of your local guide. Bazaars and markets like the one in Jodhpur are an integral part of the Indian experience, however for those not accustomed to the noise and the hustle, they can be overwhelming. Ker & Downey works with the most trusted and experienced guides to make sure that your experience feels secure and exhilarating, never chaotic.

Whether you choose to observe from the periphery, or dive in head first, your local guide will help you make the most of the markets and the landscapes. Contact your Ker & Downey consultant today to begin planning your trip to India, where a shimmering luxury Jodhpur vacation awaits.