Established by medieval Muslim royalty, Hyderabad still shows signs of the wealth and opulence of powerful ruling families who passed through its palaces over the centuries. Now India’s preeminent technology hub, Hyderabad’s wealth has taken on a different tone, but it is as vibrant and active as ever. Learn more about Hyderabad luxury travel below.

Muslim architects from Iran laid the city out on a grid, giving it more order than many other cities in India, with more spontaneous street plans. Still, the old city is scaled for hoof and foot rather than automobiles, and thus retains the close quarters and warren-like atmosphere one expects on a journey through India. One of the most important sites of the old town, Golconda Fort, is a city within a city, a walled fortress of the Qutb Shahi kingdom. With Ker & Downey you will be glad to have your experienced local guide, who can bring the ruins to life with tales of history and intrigue from the days of the sultans and the Nizam.

To further immerse yourself in the elegance and extravagance of these dynasties, visit the H.E.H. The Nizam’s Museum, where you can see the world’s longest wardrobe containing the clothing of Mahbub Ali Pasha, who is said to have never worn the same thing twice.

In the New City of Hyderabad you’ll find countless galleries and cultural attractions indicative of a major metropolitan center. Visit the B.M. Biria Planetarium or the Nehru Zoological park to see how science found a place in the heavily religious city, creating diverse knowledge that still shines through today as the city’s tech industry flourishes.

Contact your Ker & Downey consultant to begin planning your journey through this land of striking contrast, fascinating history, and deep culture. Our private guides and fleet of luxury cars will help you engage the city on your own terms, with security and comfort in mind as you encounter the wonders of luxury travel to India.