Nestled in the divine Himalayan foothills and surrounded by endless Sal forests lies the ultimate retreat, Ananda in the Himalayas. The breathtaking serene landscape and traditional India wellness practices nourish and repair the mind, body and soul, while rejuvenating the spirit.

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The Ananda in the Himalayas includes elegant and stylish guest rooms, suites, and villas that transfer the calming feelings of nature into the rooms. Choose from one of the 70 spacious rooms with views of the Palace and the Rishikesh valley from private balconies, or enjoy one of the luxury suites with secluded gardens, enchanting views, and spacious sitting and dining areas.

Ancient Indians believed that being at peace was the result of being balanced and in harmony with physical and mental health. Holistic living was a way of life and many would retreat to the mountains to revel in a quiet space and reconnect with the inner self. This philosophy is how Ananda In The Himalayas came to be. With the combination of a heavenly destination surrounded by nature and the ancient practices of holistic living, this rejuvenating 24,000 square foot spa is visited by people from all over the world. Guests receive a personal consultation and can choose from over 79 body and beauty treatments.

The dining concept at Ananda is just as carefully-designed as the services offered. Using the Ayurveda philosophy of the elements of the earth, meals are prepared on a customized basis, made suitable to every body type. The cuisine is composed of fresh, natural healthy foods and avoids artificial ingredients and preservatives. Enjoy meals at the harmonic Restaurant or dine outdoors by the clear blue pool or perched on a hillside feeling the warmth of the sun. The charming palace includes a grand Viceregal Tea Lounge where guests can enjoy an afternoon of Darjeeling tea, a Maharaja’s billiards room, which houses the oldest billiards table in India, and the Viceregal Hall, an original skating rink converted into a venue for conferences and retreats.

Activities at Ananda not only involve spiritual and yoga classes, but also include an array of indoor and outdoor activities. From billiards and cooking classes to golfing on a scenic six-hole course, guests will have plenty to do. For the outdoor lovers, nature walks and treks are common as well as white water rafting on the Ganga and going on safaris in Rajaji National Park.

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