Located on the Georgian Military Highway just nine miles from the Russian border, Kazbegi is the only town in the Khevi Province, and the main destination for the few travelers making their way along the highway.

Recently the town’s name has officially changed to Stepantsminda, but it is still commonly known as Kazbegi. The new name honors the Georgian Orthodox monk Stephan who constructed a hermitage on the site. Under Soviet rule the name was changed to Kazbegi, and was changed back to the original in 2006.

Its scenic location in the Greater Caucuses Mountains is a hiker’s dream with walks to Mount Kazbek 16,000 feet above sea level. Stroll along the Terek River, which runs alongside the town, or take a more athletic journey toward the surrounding peaks.

Within the boundaries of this picturesque town, the most prominent feature is undoubtedly the Gergeti Tsminsa Sameba Trinity Church, built in the 14th century. The church’s scenic location and isolated presence make it an icon for the Georgians, who reportedly also consider it a fortress for the safekeeping of national treasures in times of conflict. Atop its bell tower, visitors are rewarded with beautiful panoramic views of the scenery.

Pay a visit to the Kazbegi Museum to learn more about the region’s history, or simply ask the locals. Your private guide will provide a wealth of knowledge not only from his or her own experience, but by connecting you to locals offering a vast reservoir of experience and cultural heritage.

Discover the traditions of the local villagers in the area, explore the fortresses in the surrounding countryside, and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the Truso Valley, Chaukhy, and Gvelteti waterfalls. Contact Ker & Downey to begin crafting your custom journey through the Caucusus region of Georgia. You’ll take a step back in time that will remain with you forever.