Living up to its “Pearl of the Black Sea” moniker, Batumi is the seaside capital of the southwest Republic of Ajara and one of the oldest cities in Georgia. Yet despite its role as the primary oil port of the Black Sea, Batumi luxury travel has grown incredibly popular to summer vacationers across the Caucasus for its coastal setting, sub-tropical climate, and beachfront club atmosphere. It is this DJ-fueled, party-going reputation that has led to a recent sprouting of new hotels, international restaurants, and bold new architectural innovations, thus putting travel to Batumi, Georgia on the ever-evolving international map.

While its boom has been more recent, Batumi owes much of its character to its original development more than a century ago during the Porto Franco period, when European architects descended upon the city and undertook numerous projects to diversify and beautify its structures. Today, these old buildings are renovated and floodlit and stand alongside leafy parks and low-rise central streets, making for an idyllic destination for any international traveler.

The first stop on any journey to Batumi is to its seaside Batumis Boulevard fronting the main beach. Whether strolling or biking, the strip offers a beautiful assortment of trees, cafes, beach bars, and colored dancing fountains amid the sea salt air and exotic floral fragrances. Also housed near Batumi is the Gonio Fortress, noted internationally for its fancy brickwork and mysterious Argonaut history, as well as the Batumi Botanical Gardens, one of the biggest and certainly richest botanical gardens in the world. But for a true glimpse into the history, culture, and traditions of Batumi, there is no better microscope than its impressive collection of museums. From the nearly 100-year old Adjara State Museum and its 180,000 exhibits dating back to the 5th century BC. to the Batumi Archaeological Museum and its display of Bronze Age and Medieval excavations, to the newer Adjara State Art Museum and its famous Georgian artworks, the prolific heritage and brilliant charms of Batumi are just waiting to explored.

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