Stretching across Azerbaijan’s northern border, the Greater Caucasus Mountains are home to amazing scenery and an array of cultures. Known in Azerbaijani as Böyük Qafqaz, the Greater Caucasus are the principle mountain range of the Causasus region. Divided into three distinct segments, Western, Central, and Eastern Causasus, the mountains are some of the most scenic in the world with a wide range of climates, ideal for different kinds of outdoor activity.

The Western Caucasus range is a playground for hikers, characterized by its verdant sloping terrain, thick deciduous and coniferous forests, and alpine meadows. Albanian ruins dotting the pristine countryside, adding to the historical significance and pastoral scenery of the landscape. Among these western slopes you will find the town of Sheki, a tiny historic spot that was once a stop along the Silk Road. This rural gem is rich in Islamic architecture, including the Palace of the Sheki Khans.

At various times under Persian, Roman, Parthian, Arab, and Mongolian rule, this little town tucks a world of culture and history into the shadows of snow capped peaks surrounding the town, but even if centuries of volatile political saga do not intrigue you, the many adventures in the mountains might ignite your inner explorer.

Birders have recently discovered the Greater Caucasus as well. The region is full of rare birds of prey and rock-dwellers. The dramatic backdrops for these majestic creatures will produce photographs and memories that are sure to guarantee a prominent place in every birder’s pantheon.

Above all, the region is relaxed and friendly, the perfect place to maximize your time away from the business and demands of day-to-day life. Ker & Downey’s expert consultants can help you craft the perfect getaway to the Greater Caucasus, where you will find not only fascinating history and sweeping landscapes, but all the relaxation and peace that you seek.