ABOUTAsia Schools directly supports the education of over 53,000 children in Siem Reap Province. It accomplishes this through its network of 110 Cambodian schools. Helmed since 2006 by ABOUTAsia Director Andrew Booth, the network is sustained by ABOUTAsia Travel. Their mission is to inspire progress through educational access, regardless of wealth, background, or geographic location.

ABOUTAsia Schools accomplishes its mission by underwriting 50 English classes and materials. They also established a Teacher Training Academy for Cambodian English teachers. Additionally, they build and outfit Community Learning Resource Centers in various rural communities throughout the region. One donation to ABOUTAsia Schools has the capacity to make a lasting impact. It could mean something as small yet significant as a school uniform, a functional chalkboard, or a textbook. It could also translate as something as big as a student’s entire study materials. Indeed, such storybooks and workbooks have proven integral in enabling local students in their education.

At the heart of travel with Ker & Downey is a desire to make lives better with each trip. We give back to the local communities in which we travel through partnerships and philanthropic donations. As such, every custom Ker & Downey journey to Asia supports ABOUTAsia Schools by way of ABOUTAsia Travel. This incredible company donates 100% of its profits to the running and development of these programs. Visit the ABOUTAsia Schools website for more information about this project and how you can become involved in their important work.

Partner with Ker & Downey and ABOUTAsia Schools

Learn more about Ker & Downey’s many philanthropic efforts across the globe on our Giving Back page. Contact us today to learn more about ABOUTAsia Schools and our many philanthropic partners. We also encourage our clients to bring their own ideas to our designers during the travel planning process. Incorporating philanthropy work into customized itineraries is one of our favorite things to do for our clients.