Galapagos by Land and Sea is Ker & Downey’s quintessential Galapagos experience. This nine-day luxury Galapagos tour invites you to immerse yourself in all of the wonders the destination has to offer. Pair private villa life on Santa Cruz with a small ship cruise through the southeastern islands for the ultimate holiday.

Galapagos by Land and Sea

Suggested journey at a glance: 9 days / 8 nights in the Galapagos Islands

This suggested luxury Galapagos tour is just one way to see Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands on your own customized Ker & Downey trip. Our designers are at their best when crafting a journey unique to you. So contact us to start planning and read on to see one example of what’s possible on a handcrafted trip.

Montemar Eco Luxury Villas

Your Galapagos by Land and Sea adventure first begins at Montemar, the first luxury sustainable villas in the Galapagos. Owned and run by a local family, this beautiful property offers both privacy and plenty of opportunities to connect with the local nature and wildlife. What’s more, your villa boasts its own private chef and housekeeping staff. Therefore, every need promises to be taken care of. Indeed, Montemar has its own biodynamic and organic garden which — alongside the fresh fish brought into Puerto Ayora every morning — produces most of each guest’s meals.

Galapagos by Land and Sea - Luxury Galapagos Tour - Ker & Downey

From your base on Santa Cruz Island, spend five nights taking advantage of the land-based portion of your luxury Galapagos tour. Search for wildlife colonies, interact with the the local community, and relax at your own pace. Learn the art of cooking like a local with your chef. Go for a sunrise swim in a natural pool located in the middle of a lava flow. Take a bike ride to Los Gemelos, or the Twin Craters. Visit Garrapatero Beach, where you can find flamingos and mallards in a nearby lagoon. Enjoy a delicious local coffee and chocolate tasting. And go diving sharks, marine turtles, rays, pelagic fishes, and small fishes. However, you will not have to travel far for up-close encounters with the local residents: Giant tortoises and Darwin finches abound on the property.

Galapagos by Land and Sea - Luxury Galapagos Tour - Ker & Downey

Galapagos Cruise

Next, continue your Galapagos by Land and Sea journey aboard a three-night luxury small ship cruise. Your intimate eight-cabin vessel will bring you San Cristobal, Española, and Floreana islands. Throughout your four-day luxury Galapagos tour, you will see plenty of wildlife. Indeed, iguanas, birds, sea lions, flamingoes, and abundant sea life will all undoubtedly make an appearance. You are invited to hike to such famous lookouts as Suarez Point. You are also welcome to snorkel or paddle board off to the side of your luxury yacht. Additional highlights include a visit to the Jacinto Gordillo Breeding Center, snorkeling at Gardner Bay, an exploration of Cormorant Point, and a stop at Post Office Bay. Finally, do not forget an excursion on Mosquera, a popular place for sea lions, gulls, marine iguanas, and Sally Lightfoot crabs.

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