The best of The Azores come into focus on this stunning 10-day Azores Luxury Tour by Ker & Downey. Hidden hot springs, plentiful marine life, towering volcanoes, and enchanting cultural heritage await in Ponta Delgada, São Miguel, Faial, and Pico.

Azores Luxury Tour

Suggested journey at a glance: 10 days/9 nights in Ponta Delgada, São Miguel, Faial Island, and Pico Island

There are many ways to experience the best of The Azores and Portugal. Our designers are at their best when crafting a journey unique to you; so contact us to get started planning, and read on to see one example of what’s possible on a handcrafted trip.


Ponta Delgada

First, begin your Azores Luxury Tour in Ponta Delgada, the main city of The Azores. The key highlight here is the cuisine. Think: Mediterranean food mixed with African and American vegetables, seasoned with Asian spices, and a scent of the Atlantic Ocean. As such, set out on a progressive three-hour gastronomic tour of this vibrant Azorean city. Along the way, explore artisanal restaurants and delicious food including fruits, honey, local rolls, pastries, seafood, meat, and dessert. In addition to enjoying amazing food and drinks, you will visit the most iconic sights of the city and learn their historical context.

São Miguel

You will then travel to the Furnas Valley for three nights. Your accommodations place you directly inside Parque Terra Nostra in São Miguel. Indeed, this romantic botanical garden is famous for its large collection of Camellias, as well as its hot water pools rich in iron. Take some time to soak in the volcanic pools before exploring São Miguel’s many natural wonders. Your private guide will lead you north to the thermal springs of Caldeira Velha and the tea plantations of Gorreana Tea. You will also see the Lagoa do Fogo crater and the island’s famous Blue and Green Lakes from the Vista do Rei Viewpoint. Yet another highlight on your Best of The Azores tour is a visit to Sete Cidades, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Portugal.

Faial Island

Next, your Azores Luxury Tour continues onward to Faial Island. Your hotel in Horta boasts a breathtaking view over the city’s bay and Pico Mountain, another one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Portugal. Over two nights, experience the best of The Azores on both sea and land. First set out on a boat trip in search of the various marine animals found around the island. The Azores are home to a third of the world’s cetacean species. It is therefore one of the best destinations in the world for whale and dolphin watching! Then enjoy a thrilling 4×4 expedition to the Whale Factory Museum and Capelinhos Volcano.


Pico Island – Azores Luxury Tour

Last but not least, conclude your Azores Luxury Tour on Pico Island, located a short 30-minute ferry ride from Faial. From your private lava home accommodations in Santo Amaro, soak in the unique landscape, cultural heritage, and beautiful surroundings. Two nights here brings you up close to the vineyards, wineries, and villages of black houses made of volcanic stone. Taste the most famous wines in The Azores, Vinho do Pico, whose culture was classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Then embark on one last whale and dolphin watching tour through the Atlantic. Sperm whales, common dolphins, and bottlenose dolphins are year-round residents. Meanwhile, risso’s, spotted, and striped dolphins also make their way through these waters, as do sei, fin, pilot, and mink whales.

Experience the Best of The Azores with Ker & Downey

The Azores serve as a perfect standalone escape as well as an ideal extension to any land based Portugal itinerary. Contact Ker & Downey to customize your own Azores Luxury Tour.