Although we can’t understand why (because they are so beautiful) many of Portugal’s crashing coasts, tranquil beaches, and seaside escapes still have many quiet corners. Lucky for us that means there are still plenty of opportunities to head to Portugal for a relaxing trip that immerses you in its rich culinary, historical, and of course ocean-side activities.

We have crafted a Beaches of Portugal journey with access to the secret seaside escapes of this underrated European country.


No journey to Portugal is complete without a visit to Lisbon. The coastal city’s yellow trams, pastel facades, and Azulejo-tiled homes stretch up high to the walls of Castelo de Sao Jorge. The deep blue of the Tagus River winding down to the Atlantic Ocean adds another layer to this riot of color. After you set your eyes on Lisbon’s skyline, sink your teeth into pastéis, the country’s signature egg tarts. The recipe for this custard-filled pastry has been traced back to 16th-century monks and nuns, but there’s nothing innocent about this decadent treat.



For sand dunes and sea breezes worthy of any Portugal postcard, head south to Comporta. The region’s sleepy villages house fisherman living a simple life where siestas are still relished.

Comporta’s laid back vibe and Atlantic surf is just the place to detach from stress. We suggest the Sublime Comporta, a boutique property nestled within a forest of pine and cork trees, not far from the coast.

The rustic landscape provides a bounty that ends up on your plate for fresh and filling meals. This is also the chosen land for many wine producers. Sip on a blueberry caipirosca and toast the good life at a private tasting.



It’s pretty easy to get around in Portugal, and for that reason we have included the not-to-be-missed Algarve, sun-soaked and sitting pretty at the very bottom of the country.

Basking in a warm, glow, Algarve’s coast is diverse with jagged cliffs and shimmering lagoons. The Algarve rolls out its sandy beaches as your welcome mat.

And is you peel yourself away from a day at the beach at your hidden retreat at Vila Joya, you will find a region rich in history. The Romans and the Moors were all here once, each leaving their architectural and cultural marks.


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