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After a long winter, a getaway is the perfect opportunity to usher in the crisp air and new life of spring. The season is invigorating and ripe for exploring new destinations. Each spring I find myself traveling across the globe—sometimes returning to a favorite destination, other times exploring new ones and seeking out fresh adventures. This year, my lovely wife and I are traveling to India for the first time. It’s a trip that’s sure to open our eyes to the previously unexplored landscapes and culture of the country and provide countless stories upon our return.

With this issue of QUEST, we’re exploring uncommon destinations and pushing the boundaries with over-the-top, modern experiences. Ker & Downey’s Vice President David Jones offers an insider’s view beyond the bucket-list items in China with suggestions for excursions off the beaten path. For our cover story, eager adventurer and culinary travel journalist Krista Simmons returns to Australia to explore the lesser-known areas of South and Western Australia with accompanying images from photographer and director Jack Guy, who also shot the cover image for this issue.

Take a ride with Martin Lewicki as he feels the thrill and rush of ice driving in Sweden in Maseratis and Porsches. Ker & Downey’s Katy Heerssen recommends five unique experiences throughout Africa, including a private charter over the active volcanoes of the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia. In Heart of Egypt, David Jones and Haley Beham discover the soul of Egypt with fresh ways to see the ancient country. Finally, accomplished luxury expert, Fierce Traveler Scott spins fantasy into reality when he becomes Maharaja for a day while traveling to India’s most soulful and spectacular quarters.

We’re constantly seeking out exotic landscapes and uncommon journeys for you, so that you can live a life of adventure, exploring the world with us. Wherever it is you want to go, Ker & Downey is here to help you get there. Join us!

from “Letter from the President”
by David Marek

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