The Malaysia Heritage Tour

The Malaysia Heritage Tour

The Malaysia Heritage Tour from Ker & Downey is an all-encompassing cultural immersion. From its ancient roots and colonial influences to its emergence as an culturally-varied modern destination, our journey traces the history of Malaysia’s many pasts.

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The city-island Penang is the starting point on our Malaysia Heritage Tour, with the art and history of George Town offering an introduction to the region. Peranakan culture resonates through the murals and architecture of the city streets, the artifacts of the Penang Museum and Art Gallery, and the flavorful dishes you will help prepare during a private cooking class with a local chef. The Eastern & Oriental Hotel—a bastion of British colonial affluence fondly referred to as "The E&O"—is your retreat while in Penang.

Cross the Penang Bridge to mainland Malaysia and into the lush Cameron Highlands. A scenic drive brings you some 5,000 feet above sea level to survey the rolling hills of green from your accommodations at the Cameron Highlands Resort. Here, you will take afternoon tea before an evening of rest, and on your way to the modern heart of Malaysia, indulge in a private picnic amidst the bounty of tea plantations.

Kuala Lumpur welcomes you next along the Malaysia Heritage Tour, with a live theatre performance bringing the history of Malaysia to life in dramatic form. Drama of a different sort is found atop one of the tallest buildings in the city, as you wine and dine with a view over the modern metropolis.

The journey ends in Melaka, a city that vibrates with the historic pulse of trade routes, antique markets, and a variety of religious influences. The riverside Casa del Rio Melaka is your refuge, offering a final glimpse of the uncanny diversity of Malaysia.

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