Sleep in the soothing desert and explore in the shadow of ancient history at the 22-tented Meroe Camp. Designed for the adventurous, a rugged desert experience unveils one of Africa's most noble and fascinating ancient cultures.

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The Meroe Camp is the perfect place for travelers to discover Sudan’s regal history. It is located only a stone’s throw away from many thousands-of-years-old pyramids.

In each tent, two twin beds ensure simple comfort and space to move. A small, shared night table is topped with a lamp. Hot showers and toilets are located in separate buildings just a short walk from the tents.

Just outside your private tent, a shady veranda with two chairs is primed for quiet moments to sit and take in the desert expanse. Your view is dotted by the pinnacles of the crumbling pyramids and the occasional lounging camel guided by a man in a white, flowing robe.

This was once a land ruled by Nubian pharaohs who took their architectural and cultural inspiration from Egypt. It’s quite a sight to be in the presence of such deep history that seems to have been forgotten for so long. This corner of the world is not heavily traveled by outsiders, but that’s what makes it even more alluring.

You will be exploring the royal abodes, temples, and kings and queens’ final resting places with barely anyone else around. Only a handful of determined explorers have made it this far to descend into the pyramids’ chilly interiors and view their elaborate hieroglyphics and murals.

Take rest in the hot afternoons with a snack of popcorn, nuts, and juice at Meroe Camp. Cool off with a chilled hibiscus sorbet. At meal time, feast like a pharaoh on Sudanese dishes and Italian cuisine in the thatched-roof indoor restaurant. On pleasant evenings climb to the top veranda to enjoy the sunset over the pyramids and meet with fellow adventure-seekers.

Gather around a crackling fire to see traditional singers and dancers perform. Without any light pollution, you will feel enveloped by the dark sky and its swathe of sparkling stars.

At night a generator provides electricity, but guests are still encouraged to bring torches for extra light, adding an even more magical aura to this already special place.

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