The Nubian Rest House is a calming oasis in Sudan's hauntingly beautiful desert landscape. The warm Sudanese hospitality is unmistakable, and it will seem as though you are a guest in a comfortable home.

Property Details

Guests will enter the Nubian Rest House through a high door decorated with traditional patterns. Inside you’ll find a desert oasis: a beautiful walled garden filled with a large grassy space. Palm fronds hover overhead, and bright pink bougainvilleas and oleanders bloom on dark green bushes. Jebel Barkal, the flat-topped rock that served as the spiritual heart of the ancient Kushite Kingdom, looms in the near distance.

The Nubian Rest House is the perfect launching pad for your adventure of digging into Sudan’s rich history. Once known as Napata, this area dates back to 1075 B.C. and the reign of the Nubian pharaohs that ruled across Egypt and Sudan. Within walking distance from the property, you will stumble upon the steep pyramids resting in the apricot-colored sand. Their mysteries are waiting to be discovered.

Large rooms, 22 in total, include an en suite bathroom with shower. Each space is air conditioned to provide you with relief from the desert heat. Nubian doors lead to your private space, and traditional Sudanese decorative touches add visual interest. Each room is outfitted with a veranda so you can walk directly into the garden. Picturesque arches provide shade on a hot day. In the tranquil evenings, sit outside to look up at the stars, or head to the lobby lounge to chat with fellow guests.

You will return from your desert explorations with an appetite ready to be sated at the on-site restaurant. High domed ceilings give the dining room an airy feeling. The menu is a mix of western and local dishes, like a refreshing glass of baobab juice.

Hike up to the top of Jebel Barkal for sweeping views of the undulating desert, the Nile, and the fertile land around it. See the locals go about their day in the small market town of Karima, sitting on the west bank of the Nile. The people will be curious to speak to you since despite the rich historic value, this area still does not see very many tourists.

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