Experience life in its purest form at Kanana Camp in the Okavango Delta. These sparkling clear and clean waters are the pulse of this region, attracting all things wild from herons and other species of birds to the elephant, predators and prey. Intimate and exclusive luxury Botswana safari camps such as Kanana allow guests to maximize their experience. There are no crowds and no safari vehicles fighting for the best views. It is an unforgettable experience and should not be missed in any Botswana itinerary.

Property Details

Kanana Camp is located in the remote inner reaches of the Delta. Eight luxury-style tents, accommodating up to 16 guests, with the common facilities of the camp are built on stilts to ensure a good view of the floodplains for all visitors. Kanana Camp is built among spectacular shade trees of ebony, knob thorn acacia and the sausage tree. The dining and sitting areas are raised on decking encircling a massive ancient fig tree. Professionally-managed menus include fresh bread baked daily, fresh vegetables and a well stocked bar with lots of ice. The gift gallery accepts Visa and MasterCard and is stocked with local handicrafts and other items. Kanana Camp is fortunate to have its own airstrip nearby, making access to this place of “kanana” very easy.

The area is an excellent walking safari destination. While game viewing in 4×4 vehicles is very popular, one can best experience this region by viewing game on foot or by gliding silently through the delta by Mokoro. It is a moving and incredible experience, drawing you intimately into nature in its purest form. Void of the intrusions of man, the silence allows your senses to come alive, your hearing more acute and your skin charged with electricity upon hearing the elephants’ morning calls in the distance. You are safely insignificant and humbled by the presence of these giants during their daily bath. Watch an intimate and loving scene, a cow gently bathing her baby with her trunk. Careful, she may splash you as you delight in this rare moment that very few on earth ever witness. It is only you, the animals and the earth gliding effortlessly into your heart, all at the hands of your expert guide. With voices soft and birds in concert with the rhythm of your heart, this is safari as it was meant to be experienced.

Besides the elephant, a wide variety of other game frequent the life-giving force of the Delta, including impala, lechwe, hippo, crocodile, and lion. Kanana Camp is one of the few lucky camps in the Okavango Delta to have an exclusive heronry—accessible depending upon seasonality—where many migratory water birds come to hatch their young. This is a very important nesting site for these birds and one of the few in the Delta. The species you are likely to see roosting here include the yellow bill stork, marabou, open bill stork, darters, cormorants and slate egrets. Kanana Camp regularly reports sightings of the rare Pel’s fishing owl in addition to hyena, which has also become a rare sighting in this area. Even more rare are the situanga antelope, which live in swamps and are very good swimmers. They may take to the water to evade predators such as leopards or wild dogs, lying submerged in pools with only their nostrils above the surface. For a luxury Botswana safari camp unlike any other, book Kanana Camp in the Okavango Delta.

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