For those who want the bragging rights of true explorers, Southern Armenia is one of the most rewarding adventures left on the planet. A little visited corner of a little visited country, it will take you far from the beaten track, and deep into a world you had only hoped still existed.

Made up of the Syunik and Vayots Dzor provinces, Southern Armenia is one of the least traveled areas of the country, but its riches are countless. Caves, gorges, hot springs, and forests are among the natural wonders found on the undulating landscape, waiting to be explored.

Like most of Armenia, thousands of years of history have left the region dotted with an architectural history of competing empires and religions, which now serve as icons of the country’s authentic and enduring connection with its past.

Goris is the gateway to the breathtaking Tatev Monastery, the perfect marriage of architecture and nature perched high on a cliff. Underneath the monastery, accessibly only by rough and winding road, sit a natural land bridge, springs and caverns. Ker and Downey’s guides will ensure that your experience on the rough road only enhances the spirit of adventure, without subtracting from the comfort of your journey, thanks to the best vehicles available for the terrain.

From the heights to the depths, visit Old Khndoresk, a cave village near Goris. The underground network of domiciles was active until a few decades ago, making it a fascinating example of remote living.

The natural springs of the region are highlighted in the town of Jermuk, a favorite spot for those in search of healing spa waters. Many of the Soviet-era spas have been renovated to high standards, and a dip in the waters is well worth the trip. The spa town features a “Water Gallery” a large wall spouting water at varying temperatures said to be ideal for treating various ailments.

Southern Armenia’s many wonders await, and Ker & Downey’s expertise will help you make the most of your journey.