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A letter from Ker & Downey President, David Marek on our latest efforts to help the people of Uganda.

After two years of lockdowns and travel bans, we are honored and proud to support a team of people once again through the Church of the Holy Apostles in Katy, Texas, which is heading to Uganda to distribute malaria-preventing mosquito nets and provide medical aid in remote villages around Mbale in October.

Our goal is to help raise $25,000 to purchase 6,000+ nets and to be able to support six days of medical outreach in three Ugandan villages. These areas of Uganda have very little, if any, access to medical treatment. This outreach is often the first time a villager has seen a doctor in years. This is especially true after all the pandemic shutdowns.

While malaria still is one of the top three causes of premature death in Uganda, this number has dropped by about 50% over the last 10 years. This reduction is due to the increased use of treated bed nets and the availability of malaria medicines. This outreach provides both. Under the guidance of the Eastern Africa Presbyterian Church, these clinics visit often-isolated villages to offer services to anyone regardless of faith or nationality.

Without your help, we could not make these clinics happen and the opportunity for the villagers to receive care would be severely reduced. Every dollar donated goes towards nets, medicine, and hiring the medical staff. The nets and medicines are purchased in Uganda to support the local economy.

Please consider donating. $5 dollars buys one net and $100 dollars provides medical treatment for more than 20 people. We appreciate any and all contributions.


About Ker & Downey for Africa

Ker & Downey for Africa is the 501c3 nonprofit philanthropic arm of Ker & Downey with a mission to provide love, healing, and hope to the poor, sick, and terminally ill. For over a decade, Ker & Downey has partnering with the local organizations in Uganda to provide mosquito nets and medical aid Ugandan villages. To read more and donate, please visit Ker & Downey for Africa.