Ker & Downey can’t conjure up a better image of luxury Chile travel than a custom journey through the country’s lakes and hot springs, from Patagonia to Pucón. Spring-fed spas backed by blue water fjords, world-class cuisine served lakeside, elegance-infused adventure on volcanic black sand beaches, and gorge-sustained vineyards in the shadows of the Andes Mountains: this is luxury Chile travel like you’ve never imagined.

Luxury Chile Travel with Ker & Downey

Suggested journey at a glance: 12 days / 11 nights in Torres del Paine, Puerto Varas, Pucón, and the Millahue Valley

Luxury Chile Travel - Chilean Patagonia - Ker & Downey

There are many ways to experience luxury Chile travel. Our designers are at their best when crafting a journey unique to you; so contact us to get started planning, and read on to see one example of what’s possible on a handcrafted trip.

Chilean Patagonia

Luxury Chile travel exudes an elegance as defined by nature. Therefore, your first taste of it lies beyond the lagoon paradise of Coyhaique across the deserted Bay Dorita. For three days, immerse yourself amid southern Patagonia’s uncharted ancient forests and enriching hot springs. Indeed, Puyuhuapi Lodge & Spa proves a fount of luxury in the middle of nowhere. You will feel pampered with floating Watsu massages and thermal pool soaks around the property. You will also have the chance to explore the surrounding Aysén Region’s fjords, glaciers, lagoons, and mountains.

Puerto Varas

Your next introduction to luxury Chile travel stands on the edge of Chile’s second largest lake, Lake Llanquihe. Here, spend an evening in the quaint village of Puerto Varas. Moreover, dine on world-class cuisine and marvel at the commanding views over the lake and its snowcapped volcanoes from your private balcony.


Then continue your luxury Chile travels with three nights at Pucón’s first and foremost luxury property, andBeyond Vira Vira. Part high-end hotel, part working hacienda, Vira Vira strives to immerse guests into its stunning lakeside Mapuche setting. It does this through bespoke adventure and elevated indigenous cuisine, sourced straight from the land. Indeed, each activity offers an invitation to engage in this slice of paradise and its iconic Volcano Villarica. Indulge in evening baths in the spring-fed hot tubs, listening to the sounds of the Liucura River with Pisco Sour in hand.

Luxury Chile Travel - Chilean Patagonia - Ker & Downey

Millahue Valley

Finally, conclude your luxury Chile travels with three additional nights in the Millahue Valley where Vik Chile offers an innovative and holistic wine spa and vineyard escape. This avant-garde property represents the intersection of manmade artistic masterpieces and the region’s distinctive terroir. Its resulting fruit is an array of wine-centric activities. For example, this includes private wine tastings, horseback rides through the vineyards, guided tours through the VIK winery facility, and spa treatments infused with the land’s exquisite grapes.

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