Ker & Downey’s American Safari tour showcases America’s natural beauty and wildlife in Yellowstone National Park and the Jackson Hole area. Enjoy stunning accommodations, space away from crowds, and a worry-free American safari itinerary so you can focus on what matters most.

Suggested journey at a glance: 5 days, 6 nights through Yellowstone National Park and Jackson Hole

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Yellowstone National Park

Ker & Downey’s American Safari itineraries begin in Yellowstone National Park. Rise early and head to Lamar Vally in the northeastern corner of Yellowstone National Park. Lamar Valley, often referred to as America’s Serengeti, is home to large and easy-to-spot populations of large animals roaming the valley. Keep your eyes open for animals like black and grizzly bears, bison, and pronghorn. There’s also a famous pack of wolves that make their home in the valley.

Yellowstone is home to one of the most successful wolf restoration projects in the world. When the park was established in 1872, predator control was of utmost importance. Park Rangers shot the last wolf in the park in 1926. It wasn’t until 1973 with the Endangered Species Act that things began to turn around. Between 1995 and 1997, Doug Smith, director of the Yellowstone Wolf Project and Yellowstone’s senior wildlife biologist, released 41 wolves from Canada and northwest Montana into the park. The wolf population reached its peak of 176 in 2003 and has since stabilized at around 100. Bringing the wolves back to Yellowstone is perhaps one of the greatest conservation stories.

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Spend a morning on your American Safari itinerary hiking through the park’s Upper and Lower Geyser Basins. In the Lower Geyser Basin, you’ll find a larger variety of thermal features like mud pots, geysers, pools, springs, and fumaroles. The Upper Basin is famous for Old Faithful. But in addition to the famous geyser, the Upper Basin boasts the largest concentration of geysers in the world.

An American Safari Tour to Snake River

Spend a morning floating the scenic Snake River. The 10-mile float trip starts at the historic Deadman’s Bar, located just below the Snake River Overlook, and makes its way to Moose Village. The 2.5-3 hour trip takes place entirely within Grand Teton National Park on the most scenic stretch of the river. From the float, enjoy panoramic views of the entire Teton Range and surrounding cottonwood and spruce forests, sagebrush plateaus, and wildflowers.

Grand Tetons

From Bentwood Inn, explore the amazing ecosystem of the Grand Tetons. Your guide leads you to wildlife hotspots, often located off of low-traffic paths and unmarked dirt roads for uninterrupted wildlife viewing. Keep your eyes open for animals like moose, elk, bison, pronghorn antelope, mule deer, wolves, black bears, grizzly bears, and bald eagles. There are also a number of short hikes on lesser-known trails that take you to some of the smaller wonders of the Grand Tetons.

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Each of the American Safari Camp properties are reminiscent of private, luxury African safari camps. That means you can expect comforts like soft down comforters over pillow-top mattresses and ensuite bathrooms and showers under the canvas-walled tents. But the parallels don’t stop simply at the creature comforts of the accommodations. The experience is similar. Expect to be greeted with cold refreshments and personalized service and activities with private guides and drivers. In the evenings, share stories around a crackling campfire while stargazing in the vast night sky.

The American Safari Camp’s Yellowstone Luxury Campsite is located in the nearby national forest. The tents are set against a backdrop of mountain ranges, rivers, and forests. Dine on fresh, seasonal meals designed by award-winning Executive Chef Shon Foster.

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Plan Your American Safari Tour

At Ker & Downey, each itinerary is designed to reflect who you are. When you travel with us, you can expect exceptional service from start to finish. To start planning your American Safari Tour, contact a destination specialist. For more travel inspiration, follow us on Instagram.