When we think about it, we find ourselves with a very long list of reasons why Slovenia and Croatia are must-visits. Both are brimming with history, varied (and extremely beautiful) landscapes, and delicious fresh fruits of the sea and land. Our sample journey explores these classic Slovenia and Croatia highlights in distinct Ker & Downey style.

Slovenia and Croatia with Ker & Downey

Suggested journey at a glance: 11 days/10 nights in Ljubljana, Zagreb, Split, and Dubrovnik

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Slovenia’s capital Ljubjana is perfectly pocket-sized and easy to explore with your local guide. Stroll along the Ljubljanica River and around the Old Town, learning about the rich history. Climb to the top of the 900-year-old castle for breathtaking views of the city and landscape below.

Classic Slovenia & Croatia - Custom Europe Itineraries - Ker & Downey-Slovenia


On your way to Croatia’s capital, you will meander through Slovenia’s Alpine region, stopping in the magical little town of Bled. You’ll find yourself nestled next to a lake that seems to be plucked straight out of a fairytale. Take your time wandering and sampling Bled’s famous cream cake. Once you arrive in Zagreb, you will experience city life at its oldest coffee shop. The locals love their coffee, and our guides will ensure you get to sip on some of the best. After a jolt of caffeine, move your feet through the picturesque lanes, historic churches, museums, and parks.

Classic Slovenia & Croatia - Custom Europe Itineraries - Ker & Downey-Zagreb


A trip to Croatia would feel incomplete without visiting Split, the country’s second largest city. There’s so much to see in Split, so let our private guide lead you to the Roman ruins and trendy shops, then you will see why the residents of Split call their city “the most beautiful one in the world and beyond.” Even outside the city, Croatia is a gem with its landscape unfolding in picture-perfect hills and shimmering coast. Hop on board a private cruise to Hvar Island where a food and wine experience awaits among the lavender fields and small villages.

Classic Slovenia & Croatia - Custom Europe Itineraries - Ker & Downey-Split


There’s a reason Dubrovnik is called the Pearl of the Adriatic. The Baroque, Gothic, and Renaissance city basks in sunshine for most of the year, draping the town’s red-roofs in a glorious glow. Being this close to the sea means there is easy access to plenty of oysters pulled straight from the salty depths. Embark on an island hopping adventure to the untouched Elaphiti Islands carpeted in olive, fig, cypress, and orange trees. Jump into secret bays and swim up to secluded beaches.

Classic Slovenia & Croatia - Custom Europe Itineraries - Ker & Downey-Dubrovnik

Custom Trips to Slovenia and Croatia

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