It’s time to rediscover Egypt. Take 12 days to explore the Secrets of Egypt from the seas of the country to the Western Desert and the shores of the Nile with Ker & Downey. Egypt’s ancient history and modern beauty are perfectly balanced along this journey, and escorted safely the entire way by a knowledgeable private Egyptologist.

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Suggested journey at a glance: 11 nights, 12 days through Alexandria, Siwa Oasis, Fayoum, Cairo, and the Nile river

This suggested itinerary is just one way to see the Secrets of Egypt on your own customized Ker & Downey journey. Our designers are undoubtedly at their best when crafting a journey unique to you. Contact us to start planning, and read on to see one example of what’s possible on handcrafted Egypt tours with Ker & Downey.


Firstly, explore the “Pearl of the Mediterranean” and its many wonders. Look below the surface to the city’s Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa. Then visit the Bibliotheca Alexandria, which honors the lost library and has become a center for literacy, discovery, and the arts for the modern age.

Western Desert Adventure

Journey to the Siwa Oasis, where modern life has yet to encroach on the Siwans. The hand-built, mud-salt buildings of the Adrère Amellal eco-lodge are the base for exploration on the edge of the desert.


From Lazib Inn, explore Fayoum, Egypt’s oldest city. The Fayoum Oasis is one of the best-kept secrets of Egypt.

Cruise along the Nile

Visit the tombs of the pharaohs by day, then relax in luxury by night. The Sonesta St. George I is your Nile River vessel, traveling to famed sites both modern and ancient along the world’s most famous river.

Customize your Secrets of Egypt itinerary

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