From the verdant wine country to the barren Atacama Desert, Chile is a country of diverse landscape and endless surprises. Discover Majestic Chile, an 11-day journey throughout the country’s many personalities, where ample adventure and experiential travel await.

Colchagua Valley Wine CountryCasa Lapostolle Residence

Learn about the growing Chilean wine industry in Santa Cruz, staying adjacent to the Clos Apalta Winery. The Colchagua Valley vineyards boast some of the country’s most revered Cabernet Sauvignons, Merlots, Carménères and Syrahs. Tour the wineries that craft these fine wines for tastings, and discover pre-Hispanic artifacts and history in the valley’s museum.

easter island

Easter Islandexplora en Rapa Nui

Explore beyond the shore to Easter Island, the most isolated inhabited island in the world. With a mysterious past rich in Polynesian culture, the island continues to thrive with a pleasant year-round climate and endless views of the Pacific. Encounter the moai, the famous stone faces of the island that are often the subject of cultural and spiritual study world wide. The island’s caves, decorated with ancient petroglyphs, and the two volcanic craters are among the sites to discover among the modern Polynesian culture.

Atacama DesertHotel Awasi

The Atacama Desert, though remarkably close to the Pacific, is considered the driest area in the world. Geography and trade winds combine to leave the area with rainfall of roughly .04 inch annually. The only other moisture to keep the few species of succulents, cacti and trees nourished comes in the form of occasional fog from the ocean. The salt and sand terrain is almost alien when compared to the lovely Pacific coast and old-growth forests – so alien in fact that NASA has tested Mars vehicles in the region. Jeep excursions and llama treks across the desert reveal colorful canyons, hidden oases and geysers among the vast salt basins.
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