Uganda is a unique experience for those searching for a new adventure that offers more than just game viewing from a four-wheel drive vehicle. Begin your safari here by becoming acquainted with buffalo, elephant, red colobus monkeys, and other African species. Cruise down the Kazinga Channel and view some of the highest concentrations of hippo in Africa. Finally, travel to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and venture on foot into the forests and mountains of Uganda to come face to face with the Mountain Gorilla, one of the rarest species on earth.

Endangered Gorillas – The Virunga Project
The Virunga Gorilla Project, sponsored by Wildlife Direct, a non-profit agency, has taken on a whole new meaning for our staff here at Ker & Downey.  Once you’ve visited these incredible animals up-close, they magically capture your soul and leave a footprint in your heart that will last a lifetime.  Sadly, these animals are victims of a cruel world.  Poachers, war and those who hunt them for treasure and profit are quickly reducing the populations to the critically endangered stage.  Fortunately, with the help of devoted local rangers and Wildlife Direct donations to help fund the project, the gorillas have renewed hope.