Nets for Africa

Nets for Africa

Ker & Downey’s president David Marek has made serving the impoverished communities of Uganda his passion. Through annual mission trips we provide countless blood tests, doctor visits, and distribute clothing and supplies, including thousands of mosquito nets.

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The Louise

Marataba Safari Co.

Explore 85,000 acres of private bush, mountain and plain in the sublime comfort of a celebrated luxury lodge.

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Ker & Downey journey defines "bespoke" from start to finish - a custom-made itinerary crafted by our award-winning team, delivered to your waiting hands, and executed flawlessly. It’s individualized luxury that fits like a glove.


Traveling is about more than simply seeing new things, it’s about what happens to your soul in the process. Our purpose is to inspire you in your journey, open your eyes to rare beauties of the world, and to allow it to overwhelm your senses.


Exploring our world means experiencing a new place and culture from all sides. With Ker & Downey you go beneath the surface of a location to discover cuisine, customs, and history through the eyes of life-long residents.

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