It is said that Tanzania is one of the last great places left on earth. The plains of the Serengeti stretch out before you and the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro rises like a beacon on the horizon. Tanzania’s climate certainly lends itself to the idealists’ dream of this country with sun-drenched days and cool nights, and for lovers of safari, there is nothing quite like it anywhere in the world.

The cultures that define Tanzania are varied, but tribal influences play a vital role in the flavor of Tanzania. The country enjoys peace and tranquility, and because of this, Tanzania attracts many visitors each year.

Ker & Downey brings you Tanzania like no one else. We don’t subscribe to the circle of madness that surrounds a frightened cheetah and her cubs and our recommended lodges and properties are located in private regions where the animals roam free from hassles or harm. Guests have said that traveling during the Great Migration is a natural phenomenon that is not to be missed. Ker & Downey brings you this wonder in style, exclusivity and elegance. Ask us about our private and customized journeys during the Migration. It truly is the experience of a lifetime.

Discover Tanzania for yourself with Ker & Downey. We offer traditional luxury lodgings, canvas lodgings under the stars and more. Each is exclusive, unique and unforgettable.