Ecuador was fantastic we had a terrific time. The whitewater rafting was the highlight (but with tremendous competition from the Galapagos). I am still nursing a sprained ankle but have absolutely no regrets about the whitewater rafting and did not let my ankle keep me back from the rest of the trip.

I enjoyed the fact that the trip itself was so varied and all the guides were great, but a very special thanks to Cecelia. Loved that it included some shopping and art galleries. I was in my element and of course I had to buy a Panama “Ecuador” hat. Hotel Plaza Grande felt like home. They kept giving us the same room and were always so welcoming. Natalie now judges all service by Hotel Plaza Grande standards and no one has been able to come anywhere near their standards. La Mirage was also excellent, accommodating my request for a spa treatment even though it was close to closing time. I loved the little quirky touches, the goldfish in a bowl and the amuse bouche in a music box.

Cuenca was so beautiful and we were able to enjoy the city in the evening. We even joined an open air exercise class one evening. Only wish we had a little more time in Quito but we did have a wonderful evening tour, the restaurant was gorgeous. The visits to the rose farm was a big hit. All those beautiful haciendas with their wonderful chapels. I was able to practice my Spanish and did not do too badly.

Galapagos, what can I say. I snorkeled with sharks, went kayaking, swam with stingrays, walked through a carpet of marine iguanas”, was woken up early to follow whales. We had a lovely group (just ten persons) on the Galapagos Grand Odyssey. The crew decorated the dining area and baked a cake for my birthday. The Galapagos was enjoyable, interesting and relaxing. I definitely have to return.

Thanks for arranging such a wonderful trip. We really had a great time.

Anne C. , Trinidad Tobago