Located along the edge of the Atlas Mountains and the Fes River, Fez is a beautiful Moroccan city filled with gems from the past. The city is comprised of three main areas including the modern French-built Ville Nouvelle; Fes-Jdid, or new Fez; and the mazelike walled city of Fes el Bali, the oldest medina and largest car-free urban area in the world where mules and carts nod to bygone eras. Highly regarded as the nerve center for science and religion, Christians and Muslims flocked to the city during the Renaissance and have left a rich history in their wake. Traveling with Ker & Downey breathes life into the captivating past of the region in an unforgettable way. Go back in time by visiting the mysterious ruins of the area, wander through the leather-dying pits, or race down the ski slopes of the Middle Atlas Mountains.