Malaria continues to be a major threat around the world with Sub-Sahara Africa carrying the largest share of the world’s burden. An estimated one million people died from malaria last year. Pregnant women and children are the main victims as they are unable to fight off the intense symptoms that come from this mosquito-born illness. Insecticide-treated nets are a practical way to protect from malaria. They last up to three years and can cover up to four children. Sleeping under a treated net is important as the parasites found in mosquitoes that cause malaria are active from dusk to dawn.

Ker & Downey’s president David Marek has made serving the impoverished communities of Uganda and Africa his passion. Over a decade ago when 9/11 occurred, followed by the economic downward spiral, he heard the call to be of service and created Nets for Africa. Through annual mission trips we provide thousands of blood tests, doctor visits, dental treatment, life-threatening surgeries and distribute supplies, including thousands of mosquito nets.

Past trips to Uganda and Kenya have resulted in thousands of changed lives and it’s work that as a company, we are dedicated to continue each year with hopes of being able to leave more of an impact.

For 2019, our goal is to host 15,000 people and provide them with life-saving doctor visits, blood tests, and mosquito nets for their homes. One net costs $7, and for every net purchased, Ker & Downey donates a net. All nets and supplies are purchased in country and a representative from Ker & Downey personally goes on each trip to assist the local organization that helps us make this happen. We assure you that your hard-earned money is allocated appropriately and physically hand out each net to a person in need. Without these generous donations, we would not be able to do this. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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Clicking this donate button will redirect you to PayPal. Your donation will go to Manna From Heaven, the 501c3 that is administering the nets program. 100% of all donations go to the purchase of the mosquito nets. Absolutely NO administrative costs are taken out.

Watch more about how Nets for Africa was started.