My love for Ker & Downey began with my first safari in Tanzania. It had always been a dream of mine to see the wildlife and untamed landscape of Africa. I had grown up watching National Geographic and knew that some day I would make it there myself. Years later, I finally had my chance! I celebrated my 30th birthday at a migration camp in the Serengeti, staring up into the vast expanse of stars. It was truly unforgettable.

After realizing that there is a distinct “KD difference,” I knew that it would be difficult to travel without such expertise and planning precision in the future. So the next trip I took was to Turkey and Armenia. While in Armenia, I planned to be baptized at Etchmiadzin, the site of the oldest cathedral in the world. Being that it was a very historic place in Christian history (as Armenia was the first country to adopt Christianity as its official religion), I felt a strong spiritual connection here. I knew that this would not have been possible on many tours, but Ker & Downey was more than capable of accommodating my request.

Many of my travel dreams have been realized thanks to the carefully prepared itineraries and sharp attention to detail that the KD destination specialists provide. I would not have been able to enjoy these monumental experiences without the help of Ker & Downey.

A few of Lindsey Heath’s favorite Ker & Downey journeys are suggested at the links below, each of them primed for your own inspiration! The Ker & Downey travel portfolio spans across 80 countries and all continents, and we specialize in creating completely-custom journeys for our clients. The journeys we design are inclusive of land arrangements, flights, and private guiding fit for a discerning world traveler. Browse our destinations, get inspired with journeys tailored for specific travel experiences like cultural or family travel, and contact us to get started on your own journey.