Ker & Downey for Africa

Africa is where Ker & Downey’s story began and is a continent that continues to enrich our lives every day. Our President, David Marek, has made serving the impoverished communities of East Africa his passion. In 2005, Marek formed his first nonprofit called Manna from Heaven, a community outreach program based in Botswana. Its mission is to provide love, healing, and hope to the poor, sick, and terminally ill by distributing food, clothing, cash donations, and medical supplies. Since then, the Ker & Downey team has adopted several children in the area who receive financial support for schooling, uniforms, computers, and other needs to support their education.  

Ker & Downey For Africa

Shortly after 9/11 and the economic downturn that followed, Marek realized the need was much greater and expanded to create Ker & Downey for Africa. Through annual mission trips, Ker & Downey has provided much-needed services to African communities. Specifically, we have been able to assist in the administering of blood tests, medical and dental treatment, life-threatening surgeries, and the distribution of prescription medications, reading glasses, and mosquito nets to protect from malaria. Additionally, we provide medical clinics to people living in rural areas of Uganda and Kenya. For some, it is the only doctor they will see all year. 

Malaria continues to be a major threat in Uganda. One million people die yearly from the disease in Sub-Saharan Africa. Most of the victims are children under the age of 5. Through donations, we provide insecticide-treated mosquito nets to fight against malaria. Ker & Downey annually matches donations for every net purchased, helping to stop the devastating spread of disease through mosquito bites. To date, Ker & Downey has handed out over 90,000 mosquito nets. Did you know that just $7 purchases one net that lasts three years? Each net can save the lives of four children.

Currently, due to the residual effects of the pandemic, some of the world’s most vulnerable are at the most risk. Food shortages, the lack of medical care, and loss of jobs have created more of a challenge for people barely getting by and in 2020, Ker & Downey rallied together to support our friends in Uganda.   

Our past trips to Uganda and Kenya have resulted in thousands of changed lives. As a company, Ker & Downey remains dedicated to continuing with the hope of leaving a lasting impact and can’t wait to return to help with the massive need. 

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