The Peloponnese

The Peloponnese

The Peloponnese is the perfect escape for any traveler looking for luxury, history, and adventure all in one unforgettable setting. Its many outdoor pursuits and ancient wonders cater to families. Meanwhile, its glittering blue waters and vineyards make it an ideal escape for those seeking serenity and romance. Ker & Downey pairs the classic charms of Athens, the exclusive beauty of Amanzoe ,and the natural treasures of the Argosaronic Gulf on this 8-night journey.


Suggested Itinerary-at-a-glance:

  • Day 1:

    Arrive Athens / King George Hotel

  • Day 2:

    Athens / King George Hotel

  • Day 3:

    Porto Heli / Amanzoe

  • Day 4:

    Porto Heli / Amanzoe

  • Day 5:

    Porto Heli / Amanzoe

  • Day 6:

    Porto Heli / Amanzoe

  • Day 7:

    Porto Heli / Amanzoe

  • Day 8:

    Porto Heli / Amanzoe

  • Day 9:


Itinerary Description:

Begin your Greece adventure in the nation’s capital of Athens, where you will enjoy first-class service at the illustrious King George Hotel. You will have two full days of guided tours through the city’s collection of ancient wonders.

A private helicopter transfer will then whisk you away to the scenic town of Porto Heli. Your accommodations will be Amanzoe, which rises out of the mythical landscape in a secluded enclave between the Aegean Sea and the hills of the Peloponnese. Guests of Amanzoe experience seamless service and sleek stylings. The hotel boasts panoramic views of the tranquil sea, neighboring vineyards, and awe-inspiring mountains.

From your home at Amanzoe, enjoy six days of immersive discovery in the Peloponnese. Surrounded by a glittering blue sea, the Peloponnese is blessed with a rich history that embraces the Spartans and Romans, along with the Byzantines and Venetians. They were all drawn to the region over the millennia because of its beauty, wealth, and strategic location. Olives, pine trees, and colorful flowers saturate the rolling hills, while the coastline boasts an endless reservoir of private turquoise bays.

You will have every chance to enjoy its charms, whether from a traditional caique fishing boat sailing the Saronic Gulf to Spetses, from your bicycle as you wind your way through the historic region of Nafplio, at a local winery renowned for its ancient grapes, or at a humble beekeeping facility and olive press to taste the natural splendors of the region’s finest foods. An entire day is also set aside for a private boat excursion to Monemvasia, where you will find yourself swimming in hidden coves of crystal clear waters and embarking on a treasure hunt inside the island’s castle. Your final day in the Peloponnese is reserved for the UNESCO-protected wonders of Mycenae and Epidaurus, know respectively as the “golden city” of ancient Greece and the birthplace of medicine.

No matter the activity, the Peloponnese provides the discerning traveler with an endless array of natural and man-made marvels, and uncompromising luxury and lore.

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