The History of Mexico

The History of Mexico

Hone in on the history of Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula, exploring its protected landscapes and pre-Colonial sites with your own private guide. Archaeology and natural wonders collide over eight days full of excitement, adventure, and beauty.

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Mexico is an archaeology and history lover’s delight. With over 29,000 archaeological sites – and new discoveries being made every day – the many ruins saturating Mexico’s landscape offer modern travelers the opportunity to step back in time and marvel at the grand civilizations that once were. Whether exploring the earliest Mexican culture of the Olmecs, the first urban center in Mesoamerica built by the Zapotecs, marveling at the astrological prowess of the Maya in Chichén Itzá, or walking the Avenue of Death at Teotihuacán, prepare to be awed.

Your quest to dive into the rich history of Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula region starts in Campeche at the Hacienda Uayamon. Located near an ancient Mayan archaeological site in a home built in 1700, a stay here is the perfect way to start your immersion into Yucatan's past. Explore the colonial walled city and its cobblestone streets.

Next make your way to the Mayan ruins and ancient pyramid at Uxmal, and from there carry on to Hacienda Temozon, offering a splash of color within a lush rainforest. Visit the local colony of pink flamingos at the World Biosphere Reserve of Celestun and admire the colonial architecture of Merida with your private guide.

Sisal fiber was once an important source of wealth to this region. Learn about how it is made and tour the fields before taking a refreshing dip in a cenote, a natural pool common to this area. Pass through the town of Izamal, known for its golden buildings and horse carriages, before getting to eco-friendly Hacienda Chichen Resort. You will stay right next to the ruins of Chichen Itza, making it easy to explore the site privately at sunrise. With Mayan pyramids that are over 1,500 years old, this site is considered one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and an important monument to the history of Mexico.

Unwind at the end of the journey on Mexico’s splendid Riviera Maya. This part of the Yucatan Peninsula is known for its turquoise waters, and a stay at Hotel Esencia will give you access to the beach in a historical home once owned by an Italian duchess. Enjoy a privately-guided tour of the site of Tulum and see an archaeological site in the Sian Ka’an Natural Reserve, home to monkeys, jaguars, and birds. You’ll also have plenty of time to spare for relaxing on the beach and swimming in the turquoise Caribbean Sea.

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