Luxury Uruguay Journey

Luxury Uruguay Journey

Our luxury Uruguay journey explores two of the crown jewels in a country known as “the gem of South America” – Montevideo and Punta del Este. Enjoy its eclectic and artistic charms, delicious local cuisine, and the natural beauty of wetlands, beaches, and coastlines.

Suggested Itinerary-at-a-glance:

  • Day 1:

    Arrive Montevideo / Sofitel Montevideo (L)

  • Day 2:

    Montevideo / Sofitel Montevideo (B)

  • Day 3:

    Montevideo / Sofitel Montevideo (B,L)

  • Day 4:

    Jose Ignacio / Playa Vik Jose Ignacio (B)

  • Day 5:

    Jose Ignacio / Playa Vik Jose Ignacio (B)

  • Day 6:

    Jose Ignacio / Playa Vik Jose Ignacio (B,L)

  • Day 7:

    Jose Ignacio / Playa Vik Jose Ignacio (B)

  • Day 8:

    Departure (B)

Itinerary Description:

Begin the journey in Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital city brimming with colonial remnants and a vibrant collection of artists, museums, and creative personalities that have help to thrust it into the modern era. Your days spent here will explore both sides of the city: the Old Town once surrounded by walls fortifications, and the many neighborhoods of modern Montevideo that have blossomed beyond the city’s original walls. Your daily explorations include an authentic “parrilla” lunch, a chance to sip local craft brews, and a peek into the colorful art museums and galleries. One of your mornings is also dedicated to venturing into the vineyards nearby to sample the finest Tannat wines in the country.

The last four days of your luxury Uruguay journey are spent in the area near Punta del Este, Latin America’s premier resort destination located on the Atlantic Ocean. Your stay in the tiny town of Jose Ignacio at the luxurious Playa Vik resort places you in a prime location to explore the region. Plenty of beachside bliss awaits, but you also have the luxury of exploring the varied personalities of this area with your own private guide. Witness the lives of Latin America’s elite at the yacht port and palatial residences, and slow down in the Anastasio and Garzon Lagoons for a glimpse at gaucho life in the beautiful natural reserves.

Just like other sample itineraries in the Ker & Downey portfolio, the experiences you will enjoy on our luxury Uruguay journey can be completely customized to suit your own interests and create a journey unique to you. Personalized tours are enhanced with little surprises along the way, making every Ker & Downey travel experience so memorable.

Uruguay combines beautifully with its neighbor, Argentina. Consider continuing into the Mendoza wine country for more tastes of the world’s best wines, and walk the streets in historic Buenos Aires to discover its vibrant culture and artistic soul. Contact your Ker & Downey luxury travel consultant – we are happy to help you craft the ideal itinerary in Latin America.

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