Bespoke Brazil

Bespoke Brazil

Ker & Downey’s Bespoke Brazil ventures to some of the least visited yet most alluring highlights of Brazil. From the cobblestone charm of Minas Gerais and the rhythm of Rio, to the private island villas of Angra dos Reis and the pristine preservation of Paraty, this eclectic 13-night journey of style and surprise taps into the heart and soul of Brazil like none other.

Suggested Itinerary-at-a-glance:

  • Day 1:

    Arrive Brumadinho / Ville de Montagne

  • Day 2:

    Ouro Preto / Hotel Solar do Rosário (B)

  • Day 3:

    Tiradentes / Solar da Ponte (B)

  • Day 4:

    Tiradentes / Solar da Ponte (B)

  • Day 5:

    Rio de Janeiro / Fasano Hotel Rio de Janeiro (B)

  • Day 6:

    Rio de Janeiro / Fasano Hotel Rio de Janeiro (B)

  • Day 7:

    Angra dos Reis / Angra dos Reis Private Villa (B,L,D)

  • Day 8:

    Angra dos Reis / Angra dos Reis Private Villa (B,L,D)

  • Day 9:

    Angra dos Reis / Angra dos Reis Private Villa (B,L,D)

  • Day 10:

    Angra dos Reis / Angra dos Reis Private Villa (B,L,D)

  • Day 11:

    Paraty / Pousada Literária (B)

  • Day 12:

    Paraty / Pousada Literária (B)

  • Day 13:

    Paraty / Pousada Literária (B)

  • Day 14:

    Paraty / Departure (B)

Itinerary Description:

Bespoke Brazil begins first in Minas Gerais, a rarely-visited state in Brazil well outside the main tourist circuit with a bounty of unforgettable historical, architectural, and ecological interaction. Traveling along the "Trail of Tiradentes"—from Brumadinho, through Ouro Preto, to Tiradentes—reveals the largest concentration of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country and a string of quaint cobblestone villages memorable for their blue mountain settings, friendly mineiro people, perfect colonial architecture, and unique history surrounding their gold and diamond reserves. A particular highlight of this region is the Inhotim Contemporary Art Center, a stunning display of 500 works by 100 artists from 30 countries across over 5,000 acres of lush botanical gardens.

Your Brazil luxury travels then take you to vivacious Rio de Janeiro for a taste of the city's beaches, mountains, samba, and style. From your Philippe Starck-designed accommodations at Hotel Fasano Rio, embark on several compact city tours visiting the Christ the Redeemer statue atop Corcovado Mountain—one of the Seven Wonders of the World—as well as the bohemian Santa Teresa neighborhood, and the iconic Sugarloaf Mountain for sunset views across the city.

After experiencing the inland treasures of Minas Gerais and the bright cosmopolitanism of Rio, it is now time to cap off your Bespoke Brazil adventures on the country's infamous beaches. Travel first to Angra dos Reis just outside of Rio, which serves as a favorite getaway for Brazil's rich and famous. Your private, fully-staffed luxury villa stands on its own little island and offers sumptuous isolation and incomparable access to the 365 islands, 2,000 beaches, and wide-open waters of Angra.

On the opposite side of the bay just south of Angra is Paraty, a charming town nestled amid the Emerald Coast's nature reserves, clear blue seas, and pristine island sanctuaries. Your literary and design-centric accommodations at Pousada Literária are the ideal base from which to island hop aboard a private boat, snorkel at your leisure, and hike through the lush Atlantic forests. The pinnacle of your luxury Brazil travels in Paraty is your final day's trek to the isolated fishing village of Ponta Negra, where the abandoned beach setting and fresh local seafood creates a wholly unique manifestation of what "luxury" and "bespoke" can mean in Brazil when Ker & Downey is at the helm of your journey.

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