At their core, Great Plains Conservation exists to protecting Africa’s last pockets of pristine wilderness. They are pioneers in responsible tourism, driven to find the right blend of “conservation, communities, and commerce” to make the biggest positive impact as possible. Their camps in Kenya and Botswana are located in some of the most rarefied environments in the world, managed sustainably and for generations to come.

Ker & Downey has partnered with Great Plains Conservation and the Rhinos Without Borders project to help move endangered rhinos away from poaching hot spots and into safer environments. Rhinos Without Borders aims to relocate 100 rhinos into Botswana. The country has a “no tolerance policy” when it comes to poaching and because of that, has a very low poaching rate. Completing the project will take an estimated $4.5 million, and Ker & Downey has committed $70,000 to the effort since 2015.

Great Plains Conservation was founded by Dereck and Beverley Joubert, award-winning wildlife photographers, filmmakers, and National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence. Their passion for the wilderness they aim to protect is made clear in their stunning works of visual art.