IChooseYou Ministries – On the outskirts of Mbale, Uganda, lies the small village of Namatala, inhabited by the Karamojong tribe. Over time, more than 700 men, women, and children have migrated here as a last resort, hoping for a better life and desperate  to escape the poverty, hopelessness, and despair that has followed them their whole lives. Families have been torn apart. They live in primitive housing, if any, and have neither indoor plumbing nor a nearby water well to use for basic sustenance. IChooseYou Ministries’ purpose is to provide the Karamojong children of Namatala with relief from overwhelming social, economic, and spiritual poverty. By equipping the Karamojong tribe with basic necessities including food, water, education, and a relationship with Christ, the rampant destitution can be eliminated to provide a new hope for those who desperately need it. Visit the website to learn more and sponsor a child’s education today.