At Sapi Explorers Camp, you will stay in the heart of a UNESCO-listed wildlife area near Mana Pools National Park. Travel for a safari experience you will treasure.

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An elephant wading through the glassy Zambezi River is just one of the up-close encounters you will have while a guest of the Sapi Explorers Camp.

Explore the Sapi Reserve, the neighboring Mana Pools National Park, and the river on a safari experience reminiscent of the old African explorers. Collectively the area forms part of a UNESCO World Heritage site.

There are only five tents at Sapi Explorers Camp making yours an intimate wildlife experience. Each private space has an en suite bath with hot and cold water showers and a separate toilet. Old fashioned trunks protect your belongings, and sumptuous red-patterned rugs cover the floor. Lanterns cast a warm glow on the white drapery hanging from the walls and ceiling. On the desk, jot down notes in your diary just like the explorers of the past would have documented their days of adventure.

Set out on foot to get a good look at the terrain, and its tiniest denizens, or hop into a 4×4 vehicle. The legendary Mtawatawa Pan is home to some of Africa’s largest wildlife species. Elephants, lions, leopards, hyenas, wild dogs, buffaloes, and zebras are a regular sight around Sapi Explorers Camp. Grab your binoculars because there’s a whole host of resident and migrant birds that fly by early in the morning and late in the afternoons.

Glide on the river by canoe and boat, seeing the wildlife congregating along its banks, drinking the life giving water under the setting African sun.

Say cheers to this spectacular place and its brilliant display of orange and pink with a glass of champagne on the riverbank of Sapi Explorers Camp. Yours will be a quintessential safari experience inspired by the past, but thoughtfully updated for today’s traveler.

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