Set in the Bunyaruguru region on 1,000 acres of privately owned farmland, Ndali Lodge in Kibale National Park, Uganda is perched on the edge of the beautiful Lake Nyinambuga, a breathtaking lake formed in the crater of a dormant volcano. The lodge is located just 45 minutes from Kibale National Park, the home of the largest known concentration of chimpanzees in Africa, and is a wonderful place to relax and recharge in the presence of nature, far from the stress of city life.

Property Details

The eight cottages of Ndali Lodge offer panoramic views of the Rwenzori Mountains and are constructed using local materials. The comfortable furnishings, en suite bathrooms, and private verandas provide plenty of space. The lodge does not have electricity, so the tranquil atmosphere is not broken by the sound of generators running in the night. In the evenings, dine in candlelight while listening to the quiet sounds of bats, owls, and frogs just outside.

The luxury Uganda lodge is located on an active farm, and local guides are available for walks around the farm, to Mahoma Waterfall, around the crater rims, along coffee terraces, and through banana plantations. There is a boat available from which to spot butterflies and primates, as well as to enjoy bird watching. There is a jetty on the lake below where guests can relax or take a swim, and visits can be arranged to the tea plantations, Kibale National Park, and community programs.

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