The burgeoning region of Kampala is a vibrant representation of a growing Uganda. From tall urban buildings to expanding businesses, Uganda’s Kampala has developed into a popular tourist destination over the years and serves as the perfect starting or ending point on any luxury Uganda safari, connecting visitors to points all over the country. Learn more about travel to Kampala, Uganda below.

As Uganda’s capital, Kampala is a cosmopolitan city with several faces, all bustling with commercial and educational achievements. In central Kampala, chaotic streets are overwhelmed with shoppers and hawkers, and “boda boda” motorcycle taxis holding entire families rule the roadways. Traveling up Nakasero Hill, the frenetic urban pace fades into a collection of exclusive residential zones, government buildings, and a popular shopping center among expats, aptly named “Garden City”. Makerere University, widely regarded as the academic heart of Eastern Africa, stands proudly en-route, as do many swanky restaurants, bars, and embassies. Nakasero Hill is also home to Kampala’s most expensive hotels and resorts.

Among the rapid urban growth and Westernization of Kampala, however, are quiet areas of town for cultural discovery. Traditional craft markets and shopping districts prove to be a great activity for travelers to adventure into the lifestyle and heritage of indigenous Ugandans, and various museums—including the Uganda Museum, the Kasubi tombs, and the Nommo Art Gallery—showcase both Uganda’s colorful past and exciting future. The State House, National Theatre, and several churches and temples of Christian, Muslim, and Hindu faiths are among the must-see sites on any exploration through Kampala.

Visiting Kampala with Ker & Downey provides travelers with a distinct taste of its individuality. Learn about the “seven hills” of the city, one of which was known for the impressive number of impala who occupied it before the city was developed, and take time to visit an orphanage operated by Save Street Children Uganda striving to safeguard children and other marginalized groups from the hardships of poverty, HIV/AIDS, and social injustice.

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