In the center of tribal Masai country of South Amboseli, a long line of large brilliant red carnival-draped cloth tents dot the dusty hill against the Mt. Kilimanjaro backdrop. Named for the Maa word for “above the clouds” or “heaven,” Shu’mata Camp in Tanzania is called as such for its commanding views of the Sinya Plains and Kilimajaro - iconically African and downright mesmerizing. Shu’mata Camp provides safari enthusiasts with the opportunity to experience Africa in true Hemingway style, in luxury and exclusivity.

Property Details

Sophistication in the manner of Ernest Hemingway is the inspiration behind Shu’mata Camp. The camp’s five comfortable tents embody a rare blend of Masai and Arabic styles to create an atmosphere of safari life derivative of the 1920s. Each massive tent is equipped with an en-suite bathroom, flushing toilet, open-air shower, oversized trunks, and personal veranda. Draped linens are designed by Marlies and handmade in Arusha by the women of the MamaMomella. Unique chandeliers along with vintage chess and mancala sets further add to the stunning ambience.

The communal dining tent is equipped with comfortable lounge chairs and special gathering space. Guests are invited to daily family-style meals, high tea, and socializing within the tent. In the evenings, gather around the open fire under the acacia trees with some smooth whiskey and a romantic moonlit view of Kilimanjaro’s glacial peaks.

This specific region is known to be the place where elder elephants retreat to live out their final years, away from the busy tourism areas of northern Tanzania. The surrounding bush is therefore teaming with massive herds of elephant, eland, zebra, wildebeest, oryx, and gazelle. Game drives or walking safaris with Masai warriors from camp allow close-up exposure to these beautiful mammals. The Serengeti tented camp also offers accessible hiking along the Shira Plateau, a fascinating and low impact trek on Kilimanjaro, allowing all skill levels to enjoy the tremendous landscapes and take in a picnic lunch at the top of Africa.

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