One of the most eagerly anticipated new lodges in all of Africa is Xaudum Lodge, located in one of the most remote reaches of a country known for its opportunities for isolation and serenity--Khaudum National Park, Namibia.

Property Details

With its anticipated opening in late 2016, Xaudum Lodge will bring luxury into a new corner of Namibia’s famously remote hinterlands.

Khaudum National Park, Namibia is considered to be one of the most pristine nature parks in Namibia. Broad, dry riverbeds wind through the savannah and dry forests for most of the year, only flowing in the rainiest seasons.

The park has some of the most enviable game viewing in the country. Elephant, giraffe, wildebeest, many antelope species, hyena, lion, leopard and more than 300 different species of birds call the park home, and thanks to expert trackers on staff at Xaudum Lodge, as well as Ker & Downey private guides, guests can expect optimum sightings.

Experiencing the vast Kalahari Sandveld itself is a rare wonder, and to experience it in its wildest regions is an exclusive treat. Until Xaudum Lodge, only a couple of basic camps were available, with few services and little security. Xaudum Lodge will be a first of its kind in the park. It takes the privilege seriously, and plans to steward the park as well as show it off.

The lodge will consist of nine rooms—four doubles and five twins. Raised wooden walkways connect the rooms and common areas, with constant peeks out to the wild surrounds.

Each room is spacious, with its own viewing deck for those enjoying the privacy and serenity of such a remote location. Many guests will also undoubtedly enjoy the common areas, where snacks and drinks will be served around a fire pit, or on a larger observation deck.

The lodge hosts private game drives to nearby watering holes, where the most sought after megafauna can be seen. Guests can also spend time with the Bushmen community at the nearby Nyae Nyae conservancy.

Days will be full of activity and rare contact with both man and beast. Guests can unwind from their adventures every evening watching the sun set on the savannah, with the attentive staff ensuring that they are well-rested to start another day.

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