Experience Jordan's largest wadi (or valley) in exclusive privacy and comfort of an authentic Bedouin tent. The camp is quiet and secluded from the Rum village and tourist population, surrounded by massive rock formations, rust-colored sunsets and ancient sands.

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Spend a peaceful evening under the endless desert sky in a luxury Bedouin tent. Though you will be occupying an isolated location with picturesque views of the vast Wadi Rum, your stay is not without comforts. Portable restroom and shower facilities are available for your private use. Gourmet dinner featuring local cuisine is served in your intimate dining area with mineral water, juices, teas and local adult beverages. When you wake to an amazing morning in the wadi choose from Arabic and Continental breakfast selections.

Embark with local Bedouin guides on 4-wheel-drive desert vehicles to view the land made famous by Lawrence of Arabia’s campaign in the early 1900s. View prehistoric rock carvings and stunning rock formations including the Seven Pillars of Wisdom and Lawrence’s Jail, the remains of a partly closed off wadi.

Relax on luxurious cushions and rugs of traditional Bedouin low seating and retire to an elegant bedroom complete with bed and end table furnishings. Torches, lanterns and candles throughout your camp site make for an even more intimate feel and complete your true Jordanian experience.

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