Eastern Indonesia travel is for those intrepid travelers in search of something very removed from the beaten path. Within its far-flung wonders is a remote paradise in the form of unexplored islands, beautiful beaches, and unparalleled diving sites. There are literally thousands of islands to explore in Eastern Indonesia, ranging from the larger island of Papua to the hundreds of smaller, less discovered islands strewn throughout the sea. The Maluku islands, also known as the Spice Islands, comprise 632 islands alone. Famous for their nutmeg, cloves, and mace, these mountainous forest-covered areas are largely unexplored and offer a wealth of complex, indigenous charm.

Also in Eastern Indonesia is Sulawesi, one of the country’s main islands, which stands as the 11th largest island in the world. Travelers to Sulawesi will uncover a wealth of societies each with their own unique cultures, as well as rich flora and fauna alongside world-class diving.

The final cluster of note in Eastern Indonesia revolves around Papua, widely considered one of the most remote places on earth and home to some of the most abundant biodiversity in the world. It serves as the western half of New Guinea and is thus considered earth’s largest and highest tropical island, full of impenetrable jungles, rich cultures, and indigenous tribes. Off Papua’s coast are the 610 islands that make up the Raja Ampat islands. Spread over 50,000 kilometers, the Raja Ampat islands offer spectacular scenery with majestic limestone structures covered in orchids, craggy spires, and the greatest and healthiest coral reef biodiversity for its size in the world. The soft coral jungles are made up of 540 species of orange, red, purple, and pink coral with nearly 1,200 species of fish—making it yet another underwater utopia off Eastern Indonesia’s shores.

Luxury travel to Eastern Indonesia is a journey is marked by its variety. On each island—from the Spice Islands to Papua—are some of the most remote destinations this world has to offer and a melting pot of magical customs and mystical cultures very few have ever experienced. Contact our travel experts today to include Eastern Indonesia on your next Southeast Asia adventure.