Travel to the Himalayas with Ker & Downey. The Himalayas are a dominating and majestic mountain range spanning multiple countries, including much of northern India. Their breathtaking height and unassuming grace mark India as a wonder and endless adventure for climbers, hikers, and lovers of the outdoors.

The natural environment in the lower lands is home to many kinds of wildlife and animals, with varying displacement along the range. As a popular spot for hikers and climbers, the Himalayas offer great locations to climb, relax at a lake, enjoy the snow, or even just enjoy the view.

Hemis National Park, the largest park in India is located in the northern reaches of the mountain range, and home to the highest density of snow leopards in the world. This is your best chance to see the shy cat in its majestic habitat, an experience that is sure to be as transcendental as it is thrilling.

One of the most striking aspects of the Himalayas are the peoples who have adapted to the altitude and climate to build their civilization among the dramatic foothills and valleys. Pockets of culture have been protected from homogenization, and only modern transportation technology has allowed visitors to catch a glimpse of their traditions.

In India, Ladakh feels similar to Tibet. Buddhist culture remains largely intact, along with austere monasteries that bloom during festivals, many of which transport you back to the eras of their origin.

Darjeeling, of fine tea fame, overlooks the third highest peak in the world, Kangchenjunga. The city is known also for the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city was established by the British, and still bears many of the institutions they put in place.  

Allow Ker & Downey’s expert consultants to plan your trip high into the clouds. Whether you plan to take on Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan, or make this the only high altitude stop on your tour of India, the Himalaya region has much to offer. Experience Himalayas, India luxury travel today.