As its name suggests, setting sail on the Roi Soleil River Barge calls to mind the royal waterways of kings and queens. As the countryside rolls by, you’ll see it from a vantage like no other, from the comfort of your private vessel.

Property Details

The Roi Soleil River Barge is a floating luxury accommodation with all the comforts and attention of a private chalet or villa, and a modern design. It holds only six passengers, and almost as many crew to ensure that guests’ every need is met while cruising and in ports of call.

Guests fall in love with polyglot Captain Finnegan, the ship’s captain from its maiden voyage. Another star is the ship’s chef. Dining is open format so that the chef can entertain and explain his techniques to the guests as they whet their appetite over a glass of regional wine.

The three private cabins measure 160 square feet with en suite bathrooms. La Occitane amenities and heated towel racks ensure that even out on the water, guests will enjoy luxury and comfort at every moment.

At each port of call, the boat has bicycles available for guests to enjoy the tiny towns and country roads. The charter itinerary is flexible, and guests can ensure that each stop caters to their interests. Along the route Roman colonies, cascading locks, and Cistercian abbeys tell tales of medieval France and the many cultures that came and went along the same waters traveled by the Roi Soleil River Barge.

The French countryside will no doubt inspire thoughts of hearth and home, candle light and provençal charm. While days are spend exploring the shores, guests can spend evenings cozied up by the fire, reading, or watching movies in the common areas. Wireless Internet access is available on the boat as well, for those who need to keep in touch with loved ones at home.

Perhaps the most relaxing amenities are the ones provided by nature. Enjoy a sunset from one of the viewing decks, or take in the aromas of the countryside while relaxing in the spa pool with a glass of wine.

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