England is a country of diversity and culture that stretches to antiquity. Within its storied borders are turbulent histories and fascinating genealogies, grand estates and country pubs, incredible outdoor adventure, and seemingly unending activity. The island country has been the seat of a vast empire for centuries, with military prowess that belies its relatively small size. The reach of British culture has covered the entire globe, but nowhere except in travel to England is the elegance and spirit of the country more palpable than within it’s own borders.

From the sleepy countryside and over 600 miles of coastline to the busy cities of Manchester and London, exploring this country is a treasure. When strolling the quaint countryside, it is hard to imagine that London, perhaps the most cosmopolitan city in the world, is a mere train ride or car trip away. But these two scenes share a deep connection in the stalwart English spirit.

The same country that has brought us the Royal Family, William Shakespeare, and Harrods’s, has also given us Harry Potter, pub culture, and farmhouse cheddar. At once synonymous with manners and grace, the English are both down-to-earth and infinitely practical. This charming paradox is seen in regional differences, but also around the bar in any London pub.

When traveling with Ker & Downey the hustle and bustle of London is slowed to a crawl and the tourist “must-sees” are presented in private, allowing for unencumbered appreciation of all of the great city sights and its unrivaled majesty. When you tour the countryside, you will have informative and engaging guides who bring the landscape to life. Like anywhere in our big, beautiful world, England is discovered with a level of access and exclusive activity reserved for the discerning Ker & Downey guest.

Close and convenient, England combines beautifully with Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom. Contact our travel professionals now and start planning your journey.