SachaJi Wellness Hotel & Retreat is a true haven within the northern Andes Mountains. This authentic Ecuador yoga retreat and wellness experience promises to leave guests feeling renewed and inspired with its extensive menu of treatments, appealing design, and unmatched location within one of the world's most stunning peaceful landscapes.

Property Details

Just 11 rooms, called Yaku Houses, complete the accommodations at SachaJi Wellness Hotel & Retreat. The principles of feng-shui design have been considered when crafting these intimate suites, and the result is a collection of spaces that are at once stunning and serene. Like the resort itself, the suites are finished in sustainable natural materials that set a new standard for beautiful architecture with a minimal environmental impact. Architect and owner Maria Teresa Ponce incorporated an inspiring array of techniques and technologies during the building process. Soil excavated at the hotel site was transformed into bricks, old tires act as insulation beneath the floors, and innovative materials and rain recollection systems work in harmony with the elements. The carved wooden doors are honored too: for every door on property, a tree of the same species was planted on site in thanks. SachaJi means “beloved mountain” and it is this treasured landscape that envelops every guest, offering up a panorama of the Andes ranges from each and every direction.

Menus are focused on fresh, local, and organic ingredients, with vegetarian and meat-based selections available to suit every diet. The onsite garden and orchard doubles as a natural decoration on the grounds, teeming with colors that attract local birds and bees. Medicinal plants are also grown here and are used to craft natural herbal teas and fresh juices, as well as being incorporated in an array of healing treatments. SachaJi’s extensive spa menu is inspired by Andean traditions and spiritual connections. Sacred remedies, massage, reflexology, and principles of Ayurveda are all employed by SachaJi’s spa therapists.

Nature lovers, spa enthusiasts, aspiring and expert yogis—all will feel completely at ease and at home at SachaJi. This mountain escape inspires connection in every way; retreat to the roof and lounge on a hammock, soak in the hot tub overlooking Lake San Pablo, take part in Kundalini yoga practice, or embark into the surrounding wilderness for an energizing hike towards Cusin volcano. A horse guided therapy program is also conducted nearby, allowing guests to commune with these powerful and sensitive animals, resulting in mutual benefits. Day trips to the famed Andean markets of Oltavalo are also possible. For a wholly enriching experience for mind, body, and soul, SachaJi Wellness Hotel & Retreat does not disappoint.

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