In the Ecuador Amazon region, you may be more likely to run into a spider monkey than another human being. Experience that and much more with Amazon Ecuador travel from Ker & Downey.

Though the Amazon covers almost the entire eastern half of the country, it accounts for less than 5% of Ecuador’s total human population. The region is home to several small indigenous communities that still practice many of their ancient traditions, and when you visit this lush region, you will have the opportunity to interact with some of these communities and discover more about the culture of the Amazon.

Expert guides are critical to facilitating both human and wildlife encounters. For all it’s riches, the Amazon remains a delicate ecosystem, where decades of habitat destruction and deforestation have left many of its inhabitants wary of visitors. Ker and Downey contracts with the most conscientious and expert guides to ensure that every step we take into this fragile world is as restorative as it is inspirational.

On the other hand, the region’s plants and wildlife are far more abundant. The Amazon is considered the richest area on the Earth biologically. The Ecuadorian portion is one of the most easily accessed portions of the massive rainforest system. The Amazon offers an unbelievable wealth of flora and fauna for exploration, and there are also a number of adventure activities to experience in the basin.

The Amazon rewards the deepest travelers. The further you venture from the beaten path, the more animals you are likely to see, especially the shy mammals and hunted river dwellers. This being the case, plan to spend some extra time, both in transit, and once you arrive at the lodge. After a journey by land, air, and water, you’ll want to reward yourself with decadent days of exploration.

Discuss with your Ker & Downey travel expert how to include Ecuadorian Amazon adventure travel in your South American itinerary.