Marmont Heritage Hotel is located in Croatia's second largest city, Split. A stay here is surrounded by history, beautiful architecture, and stunning scenery.

Property Details

Built in the 15th century and lovingly restored, the Marmont Heritage Hotel is named after French General Auguste Frederic Louis Viesse de Marmont. He was stationed in Dalmatia in the 19th century and promoted the growth of the infrastructure and education in Split.

Step through the glass doors into the three-story abode. Skylights, wood floors, and marble finishes adorn this boutique property. Choose from 21 rooms, all in neutral tones with minimalist furniture. En-suite baths are sleek, fitted with dark grey marble tiles and heated floors.

For a true feeling of home, stay in the Luxury Apartment with a fireplace, lavender plants, and views across the town. The master bedroom is decorated with leather and wood and has a spa-like bathtub and sauna for relaxing. Sit under white umbrellas on the terrace and take in beautiful views of the stone buildings and red terracotta roofs of the Old Town. 

Dine on fresh, local cuisine at the on-site cafe and restaurant’s 15th century space. Exposed walls give the Restaurant Marshal a historic appeal. Seafood is often on the menu, ranging from tapas with calamari to fish soup. Listen to live music as you enjoy Croatian wine on the cobblestone patio.

Shop for pretty flowers and fresh produce at the open-air market. Take a walk along the Riva, a palm-lined seafront promenade. Split is surrounded by the Adriatic and the beautiful coastal mountains rising above. A hike along the peninsula of pines and agave offers stunning views of the sea and the town below. 

Set on the Adriatic coast, Split was originally formed around the 1, 700-year-old Diocletian’s Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site built by a Roman Emperor. Most of the old town is located within the walls of this Palace, a buzzing scene of restaurants and shops. Wander through the narrow pedestrian-only alleys and admire the Venetian-style architecture, stopping for a coffee in one of the quaint cafes.

Take a boat and island-hop to the pebbled beaches and enclaves. Explore the historic sites and then make your way back to the Marmont Heritage Hotel on-shore as the sun sets over the Adriatic.

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